A lot of things has happened during the last year. It’s almost exactly a year ago since my EP was released and during the past year I’ve been trying to promote the material. At least to some degree. It’s not easy to find time when you have work and family business to deal with at the same time, but you struggle as best you can. I consider it to have been a successful and fun year, that’s for sure.

Great weekend

So you remember the songtradr site I was writing about earlier? This Friday I received notice that no less than seven (7!) of my songs has been licensed! And that’s excluding the Independent Filmmaker Project I was talking about in the other post. Freaking awesome!

License page at www.songtradr.com. Gives you overview of your current signed licenses.

License page at www.songtradr.com. Gives you overview of your current signed licenses.


Two of the deals are about “overhead music”, which basically is where music is played in public spots. Think coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons and shopping malls. Another deal is for compilation albums, where you get to be included with other artists sharing space on the same album and then released to streaming platforms. I think that’s awesome and I can’t wait to see the outcome of this. I’ll keep you posted for sure!

Radio air play

On Saturday I was honored to be included in Stuart Saffery’s radio show called Saturday Selection on Channel Radio where he kicked off by playing my song Number One. It was a great show with lots of great music and an in depth interview with the indie rock queen Melia. If you haven’t heard of her I encourage you to check her out, she’s awesome!

If you missed the show you can listen to it again on the Channel Radio web page. You know what to do next Saturday morning between 10-12 UK-time right?

Thanks again Stuart for a great show!

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