A while back I stumbled across a website called www.songtradr.com which is a bridge between musicians/bands and companies that want to license them.

Think about it. Could your songs end up in a movie or be played at your favorite clothing store while shopping?
Yes, and yes!

Their idea is to provide an easy platform for musicians to upload their music to and then apply it for consideration to companies that might want to use it. Your songs will be reviewed and go through a selection process that could boil down to a license deal. If you successfully license a song you get payed, often based on the amount of usage but each opportunity deal is different.

Dashboard of www.songtradr.com. Gives you overview of license opportunities and your progress.

Dashboard of www.songtradr.com. Gives you overview of license opportunities and your progress.

So if you sit on a bunch of great songs that the world needs to hear it’s a great way to reach out to a bigger audience and possibly make some money at the same time!

I just recently got accepted into the Independent Filmmaker Project as they were looking for music to their films. Now I’m hoping to get licensed and actually end up in an indie movie which would be awesome!

Fingers crossed.

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