Tomas is a multi-instrumentalist from Sweden. His main instrument nowadays is guitar, but he also plays piano, bass, drums and sings as well.

He started his musical career playing the Recorder as so many others from Sweden growing up in the 80’s. Moving on from that to Piano was an easy choice and it opened up the spectrum somewhat.

That led to a membership in a band where he started out playing keyboard. He took on guitar after a while (meaning there were now 3 guitarists in the band) and after a few years the band was dissolved mostly because of logistical reasons (band members moving etc).

During his life Tomas has always been surrounded by music and kept the fire burning with jam sessions together with friends and such but it wasn’t until 2016 he sat down in the studio and recorded his debut EP “Thoughts”. It was entirely written, recorded and produced by Tomas himself.


Here are all albums released by Tomas Fornstedt. Click to listen and see more details on each release.

Single: Personal Hero


Second single of 2018 which is a pop song with roaring choruses backing it up.

Single: Outer Space


First single of 2018 which is a rock song with a space twist.

EP: Thoughts


Debut EP containing 6 songs, including the hits 'Number One' and 'Those Were The Days'

Single: Number One


First song release from Tomas Fornstedt. A rock song while having pop melodies built in.


Latest news

New single released

Finally I’ve got some new music released, and this time it’s a single. It’s called Outer Space and it’s a rock song, not holding anything back on the guitars this time. Take a listen and Read more…

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